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Disney® Star Sends Mother’s Day Wish to His Mom

In this time of social distancing, most of us won’t have the ability to spend Mother’s Day with our moms and loved ones in-person. Because of this, Susan G. Komen is inviting people everywhere to send a virtual love note to the moms or mother figures in their lives through its With Love, XOXO Mother’s Day campaign. Regardless of whether your family has been directly touched by breast cancer or not, With Love, XOXO is an easy way to send virtual notes of love and appreciation to your mother.

Disney® Channel’s Raphael Alejandro has joined Komen’s Mother’s Day campaign in honor of his mother, a breast cancer survivor. The Bunk’d and Jungle Cruise (2021) actor is committed to highlighting the importance of breast cancer research. “My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 2 years old, so I cherish every time that I can celebrate Mother’s Day with her,” Alejandro said. “She is my biggest supporter and I feel so grateful that she was able to pull through this dreadful illness and survived. I’m very happy to be able to help raise awareness for breast cancer research with Susan G. Komen.”

Take a look at Raphael’s touching tribute to his mom:

Mothers hold a special place in our hearts and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show them our support and honor them for everything they do in our lives. Send a virtual love note to your mom or mother figure today.