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Helping Warriors Move

It was 2010 when I found out my mom had stage I breast cancer. The first thing she said? “I’m going to be fine.” Thankfully, she was. But at the time, it was a big shock. Her diagnosis had an effect on our entire family and heightened everyone’s awareness of the disease – especially mine.

At the time of my mother’s diagnosis, I had recently started working for Ford Motor Company, and although I was familiar with Ford Warriors in Pink® and their affiliation with Susan G. Komen®, I wasn’t yet aware of the seriously positive impact they both have on the breast cancer community, but it didn’t take long for me to be surrounded by it.

One minute I was getting a Detroit Race for Cure® team together, and the next I had 25 family members supporting my mom and everyone around us on race day. The event, the people and the camaraderie – all to fight for a world without breast cancer – it blew me away.

Through my work at Ford today, I feel fortunate to be part of a company that’s been committed to the fight against breast cancer for 25 years. In that same spirit, Ford is becoming an official transportation solution for Komen and the patients it supports this year through Ford Warriors in Pink and their program with GoRide Health. This program will provide rides to breast cancer patients faced with challenges in getting to their treatment appointments. This service is currently available in Southeast Michigan, Toledo Metro, Greater Dayton, Greater Cleveland and Cincinnati Metro areas with hopes of expanding to new markets in the future.

The nice thing about this service, is that GoRide Health provides friendly transportation to patients with a wide range of needs and abilities. As a company designed to move people, I’m happy that Ford can help patients with something as important as getting to and from critical appointments. We also raise funds to assist patients with transportation needs through the sale of our Ford Warriors in Pink wear and gear. 100% of the net proceeds go to programs like this – and shoppers can choose Komen at checkout.

Since transportation is a huge unmet need, Ford is also excited to invest $300,000 in Komen’s Treatment Assistance Program, with individual grants benefitting more than 600 breast cancer patients nationwide who need assistance with transportation. To date, Susan G. Komen has assisted more than 30,000 breast cancer patients in this way.

I have profound respect and appreciation for programs designed to help people who are affected by this disease. We still have a long way to go, but together with Ford Warriors in Pink and Susan G. Komen, this kind of work and focus around the cause is why my mom – and so many others – are still here today.

If you or another patient you know wants to request a ride to treatment, visit