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Vanessa Bell Calloway and Susan G. Komen Team to Produce “Know Your Girls” Branded Content Series Addressing Women’s Empowerment, Lifestyle and All Things Healthy

Tune in today to a new digital series, In the Company of Friends, that will inspire black women to understand their breast cancer risk. Actress and breast cancer survivor Vanessa Bell Calloway is the host of In The Company of Friends, and will welcome famous friends, those diagnosed with breast cancer and breast cancer researchers, experts and clinicians for honest conversations about health, wellness, food, fitness, body image and more.

“With our incredible lineup of celebrities, industry-leading experts, and breast cancer survivors, In the Company of Friends – All Things Healthy will inspire, educate and entertain viewers,” says Bell Calloway.  “We empower our audience to embrace a healthy lifestyle, providing inspiration to make healthy choices.”

New episodes will air Mondays on Vanessa’s Instagram TV account. Then, tune in on Wednesdays starting in September for a Facebook Live with Vanessa and friends. The series will also be available on Susan G. Komen’s YouTube channel as well. You can check out the show here and follow @VanessaBellCalloway and @KnowYourGirls on Instagram.

Viewers can expect to see candid conversations with Essence Atkins (Ambitions), Shanola Hampton (Shameless), Sheryl Lee Ralph (Fam), Nischelle Turner (Entertainment Tonight) and Shaun Robinson (S.H.A.U.N. Foundation) designed to educate and inspire viewers to understand their breast cancer risk.

Black women in America are dying of breast cancer at unacceptable rates – about 40 percent higher than white women. Black women are more likely to be diagnosed younger and with more aggressive forms of the disease.  Black women are also more likely to be diagnosed at later stages of breast cancer and have a lower 5-year survival rate as compared to white women.

 In the Company of Friends amplifies the “Know Your Girls” campaign, designed to educate and inspire black women to understand their breast cancer risk. An intimate talk show addressing empowerment, wellness and embracing a healthy lifestyle, In the Company of Friends engages celebrities, experts, clinicians and real people to explore real issues, offer real answers and provide reliable information and valuable resources.

“It is critical that Susan G. Komen partner with respected and beloved innovators like Vanessa Bell Calloway to educate and inspire black women to understand their breast cancer risk and engage with information and tools that can ultimately promote early detection,” said Paula Schneider, CEO of Susan G. Komen.

Follow @VanessaBellCalloway and @KnowYourGirls on Instagram. Learn more about the Know Your Girls campaign online and watch episodes of In The Company of Friends.  

Upcoming episode guide:

Aug. 26 – Essence Atkins on “Prioritizing Your Health”

Sept. 9 – Sheryl Lee Ralph and Dr. Dennis Holmes on “Breast Cancer Fact vs. Fiction”

Sept. 23 – Dr. Robina Smith on “Family History and Breast Cancer Risk”

Oct. 7 – Shaun Robinson and Dr. Ann Wallace – Part 1 – on “Tips for Talking with Your Doctor”

Nov. 4 – Shanola Hampton on “Supporting Loved Ones with Breast Cancer”

Nov. 18 – Group discussion with Vanessa’s friends