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Looking Forward

For the past 22 years, Marian has worked for Kent Bikes, which is celebrating 10 years as a partner with Susan G. Komen.

The connection is especially meaningful to Marian, who in 2019 was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. “We got lucky in that we caught it early,” she said. Marian, whose mother and sister are breast cancer survivors, underwent checkups every six months because of her family history.

The moment Marian learned she had breast cancer is forever etched in her mind. “I went numb when the doctor told me,” she said. “All of the thoughts start going through your head about your kids and your husband and your job—it’s overwhelming.”

Marian’s treatment for breast cancer included a lumpectomy and radiation therapy. She just recently had her two-year post-cancer checkup, which showed no signs of the disease.

Working for a company that has such a connection to Komen is special. “I was very familiar with Komen because of our partnership,” she said. “I’d been to some of the summits, heard the speakers, and it was always so moving to hear people tell their stories. Now I’m so much more invested in the partnership with Komen and doing what I can to help. And the bikes I design are helping. It’s awesome.”

Today, Marian is focused on creating more moments with her family, moments she’ll treasure forever—going to music festivals, eating meals with loved ones and spending time outdoors with her husband and children.

Being together with loved ones and having a support network is more important than ever, especially during a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast cancer not only impacts those diagnosed but also affects family and friends.

This summer we’re encouraging others to join Komen and Kent Bikes in creating more moments–focusing on the importance of family togetherness, support, bonding and building healthy habits during and after a breast cancer diagnosis.