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Moments to Cherish

For Tiffany, the moment that stands out most about learning she had breast cancer were the images on the screen.

It was November 2013. She was only 37 years old, but had gone in for a mammogram in support of a friend who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. “We don’t have a family history,” Tiffany said. “I wasn’t 40. None of us imagined that this would be a reality.” 

It was a shock when the mammogram revealed something amiss.

Tiffany quickly found herself undergoing tests to determine whether she had cancer. Laying in the ultrasound and sonogram exam room that day, a mother of young two boys, she recalled how odd it felt. As a mom, she associated the place with joy, remembering when she saw moving images of her babies. But on that day, seeing images move on screen, Tiffany, without a doubt, knew that she had cancer.

The moment plays clearly in her head. “Cancer is a living thing,” she recalled. “And there’s this spot and it has blood flowing to it, and I knew what was happening.”

Tiffany, whose treatment included a bilateral mastectomy and Tamoxifen, was familiar with Susan G. Komen prior to her diagnosis. Along with her parents and sister, she’d participated in Komen’s Race for Cure for years.

And Kent Bikes, where she works as Vice President of Sales, has been a partner with Komen for 10 years. “I had only worked at Kent for seven months when I was diagnosed,” Tiffany said. “I love that Kent is such a supporter of Susan G. Komen. They were so supportive of me, too, when I was diagnosed and undergoing treatment.”

Tiffany now visits her oncologist for regular checkups. She’s grateful for her husband and sons, who keep her laughing and experiencing all life has to offer. It’s these moments—kayaking and hiking, watching the boys play baseball and golf, playing with the family’s dogs—that Tiffany cherishes.

“I’d really encourage women to get their mammograms, to have conversations with their doctors, talk to their friends,” said Tiffany. “Don’t put it off.”

A cancer diagnosis puts things into perspective, and creating moments with family and friends today is more important than ever.

This summer we’re encouraging others to join Komen and Kent Bikes in creating more moments–focusing on the importance of family togetherness, support, bonding and building healthy habits during and after a breast cancer diagnosis.