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Vanessa’s Story: Crafting for a Cure

Susan G. Komen’s Crafting Facebook Challenge is giving people the chance to provide hope to those who have been impacted by breast cancer while doing the activity they love. The challenge, executed in partnership with JOANN, encourages participants to create four weekly crafts while fundraising toward Komen’s vision of a world without breast cancer.  

Vanessa Moyer has been impacted by cancer in multiple forms. Her mother, Vivian, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1983 and died from the disease two years later. Her sister passed away from ovarian cancer and her husband went through treatment for kidney cancer in 2017.  

“When I saw the post announcing the crafting challenge in my Facebook feed, I thought, ‘Now, that’s something I can do! I can’t walk 60 miles, but I can sew.’


“It’s safe to say that I have been touched by cancer a lot in my family,” she said. “I’ve always supported nonprofits that focus on cancer, and when I saw the post announcing the crafting challenge in my Facebook feed, I thought, ‘Now, that’s something I can do! I can’t walk 60 miles, but I can sew.’” 

Vanessa returned to sewing after a 25-year hiatus in 2020. Like many crafters, she began by sewing facemasks during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, in 2021 a work friend named Patricia Lindsey asked if she would sew some goody bags for her San Diego 3-Day team members. Vanessa then made more bags for Trish’s 2022 New England 3-day team members, the Tata Trekkers, who raised more than $35,000 and were recognized as one of the top 10 teams.  

“It was just so fun and wonderful making these little bags,” she said. “I love to sew, but nothing had ever filled me with a sense that I was doing something worthwhile than those bags. It was a way to honor my mother and sister.”   

For the October challenge, Vanessa is planning to utilize her craft to incentivize her donors. “I’m thinking of making purses or tote bags and giving them to my top four donors,” she said. “I’ve ordered more of the fabric that I used for Trish’s bags, and I’ve also picked out some new fabric with pretty, pink ribbons. I’m excited to get everything in and get started.” 

Vanessa also plans to share her personal connection with breast and ovarian cancer as she fundraises throughout October. “We cannot do enough to make sure that we stay healthy,” she said. “Even though you might not have it in your family, it is still an important thing to consider. Get your screenings because you can always be the first in your family to be diagnosed with breast cancer.” 

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